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Ticket Layout

When a ticket order has been confirmed, tickets are emailed to the buyer in pdf format to be either printed or displayed on a mobile device at the event entry point. The layout of the Ticket has a number of different configuration options. The steps are:

  1. Click the Manage Events link on the Organiser Control Panel
  2. Click to select the Event that you wish to configure the ticket for.
  3. Click on the Ticket Layout button

Ticket Layout Configuration Options - Step 1

Ticket Layout Screen Step 1
  • Layout: Select from the various options:
    • 2 or 3 Ticket Sections
    • Include Organisation Logo?
    • Include QR Code?
  • Section Colour: For each section, select your preferred background colour via the colour picker button. Please note that some tickets may be printed in black and white, so choosing a dark background colour may obscure text.
  • Header Image: If you would like include an image in the header section of the pdf, select Yes, otherwise select No. The image can be selected/uploaded in Step 2.
  • Contact Email: If you would like the event contact email address to be printed on the ticket, select Yes, otherwise select No.
  • Contact Phone: If you would like the event contact phone number to be printed on the ticket, select Yes, otherwise select No.
  • Click Next to proceed to step 2.

Ticket Layout Configuration Options - Step 2

Ticket Layout Screen Step 2

If you opted to include either a Logo Image and/or Header Image in Step 1, the image(s) can be selected in Step 2.

  • If the image has been previously uploaded to TicketHost, simply click on the image to select it and then click either Set as Logo Image or Set as Header Image button
  • If the image has not previously been uploaded, click on the Upload New Image button. Then choose your required image file and click the Upload button. The maximum size image file that can be uploaded is 2MB. Once the file upload is complete, repeat the step above to select the uploaded image file.
  • Click Save to save your Ticket Layout configuration for this event.

You will be returned to the Manage Events page. Click on the View Ticket Layout button to view a sample of your Ticket Layout.

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