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Clone an Event

This article describes the 3 step process for creating a new event by cloning an existing event.

To commence, click the Clone Event link on the Organiser Control Panel or on the Manage Events screen.

Step 1 - Select Event to Clone

Select Event to Clone
  • A list of your previous events will be displayed in date order
  • Select the event you wish to clone.
  • Steps 2 and 3 will be displayed

Step 2 - Copy Features from Original Event

Copy features from original Event
  • A list of features from your previous event will be displayed
  • For each feature, select Yes if you'd like it to be copied across to your new event, otherwise select No

Step 3 - Enter New Event Data

New Event Data
  • Amend Event Title and Description as required.
  • Enter the date for the new Event
  • Amend the Event Venue as required.
  • Important: All Event related data can be amended after the event except the Venue. So please take care to select the correct venue here!
  • Click the Clone Event button to create your new event.