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Add a Performance/Session to an Event

When an event is initially created, only a single event date may be specified.
If your event consists of multiple Performances/Sessions, the additional dates may be added by following the steps below.

  • Click the Manage Events link on the Organiser Control Panel
  • Click to select the Event that has additional dates.
  • Click on the + Add New Performance button

Add Performance
  1. Select the Performance you wish to copy
  2. Enter the Date for the new Performance
  3. Select the Status for the new Performance
  4. Click the Save button to create the new Performance.

*** Please Note ***
TicketHost generates the new Performance by taking an exact copy (other than the change in dates) of an existing Performance.
To minimise future maintenance, we strongly recommend that you verify that the existing Performance is configured exactly as required before initiating the copy.
If multiple Performances/Sessions have been created, any future maintenance to ticket categories, ticket pricing, venue capacities etc. must be completed individually on all relevant Performances/Sessions.