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Create a Venue

Venue records are re-usable in TicketHost, so once a Venue has been created, it can simply be selected from the Venue list for use in future events.
There are 2 options for creating Venue records in TicketHost:

  1. Via the Venues link on the Organiser Control Panel
  2. From within the Add New Event process

1) Venue Creation via the Venues Maintenance Screen

  1. Click the Venues link on the Organiser Control Panel
  2. A list of existing Venues will be displayed. Click on the Add Venue button
  3. The Add New Venue screen is displayed for entry of your Venue details (Screenshot below)

Venue Details

  • The Google Maps Address AutoComplete feature is the quickest option for entering Venue Details
  • Ensure Address AutoComplete is selected
  • Begin typing the Venue address or Venue name and select your required venue once it appears in the list
  • This should populate the Venue Name and Address fields. Check that the data is correct and complete any required amendments
  • If you don't wish to use the AutoComplete feature, simple de-select the Address AutoComplete option and manually key in the Address fields.
  • Optionally add any Parking or Transport notes that you would like to display to your ticket buyers.
  • Click Save to create the Venue record
Venue Maintenance Screen

2) Venue Creation whilst Adding a New Event

  • Whilst adding a new event, a select list of existing active Venues will be available
  • If the required venue for the new event is not on the list, select Add New Venue
  • Complete the Venue data entry screen as described above
  • You will then be returned to the Add New Event screen and can finalise entry of event details.