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Early Bird Tickets

An Early Bird ticket category is a standard ticket category with the addition of a date range that identifies the period for which the Early Bird tickets will be available for purchase.
Creating a standard ticket category is described in detail in the Create a Ticket Category article. There are 2 options for adding the date range:

  1. From within the Add New Event process
  2. From within the Amend Existing Performance/Session process

Both options use the Ticket Category Settings popup screen

Ticket Category Settings

Ticket Category Settings are accessed from the Ticket Category section of the Add New Event/Amend Existing Performance screens by clicking on the Settings (Cog) icon:   

Ticket Category Settings Button

Opened Settings Screen

Ticket Category Settings Screen

Simply enter the start date for the early bird tickets in the Category Open field and the end date in the Category Close field.
For example:

  • Event Bookings open on May 1 and close on May 25
  • Early Bird tickets are available for the first week only
  • Standard tickets go on sale immediately after Early Bird tickets cease (May 7)

Early Bird Ticket Settings

Early Bird Settings

Standard Ticket Settings (open at same time that Early Bird sales close)

Standard Ticket Settings

Important: By default, ticket categories will inherit the Bookings Open and Bookings Close dates that are set for this performance/session. So for ticket categories that are available for the entire booking period, ie. May 1 - May 25, these fields may be left blank.

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