Host Fee

$0.35 per ticket sold

Booking Fee

2% + $0.40 per order *

* For payments made via credit card.

What's the Host Fee?

The Host Fee is our fee for providing the TicketHost service. It's a flat $0.35 per ticket sold.

What's the Booking Fee?

The Booking Fee covers the bank fees and other costs that TicketHost incurs in processing an online payment. The Booking Fee varies depending on the method of payment:

Payment Method Booking Fee
Credit Card 2% + $0.40 per order
PayPal 1 No Charge by TicketHost, fee is levied by PayPal
EFT $1.50 per order
Direct Payment 2 No Charge

1. TicketHost does not charge a Booking Fee for processing payments via PayPal, however you will be charged a fee directly by PayPal (PayPal Fee Schedule). You will need a PayPal account to accept payments via PayPal.

2. TicketHost does not charge a Booking Fee for payments made directly to the Event Organiser. eg. Cash, Cheque, etc. Ticket orders that employ direct payment must be processed by an authorised Event Organiser, contact TicketHost for more information.

Why Two Fee Components?

We aim to keep our fees as low as possible and to cover our costs in a fair and equitable manner. The costs we incur vary for the different payment methods, so we think it's only fair that we isolate and vary this fee component accordingly.

More About Payment Methods

Credit card is the most common payment method and is always available. You are free to select which, if any of the other payment methods you'd like to make available to your ticket buyers.

To minimise fees, we recommend that you consider offering EFT if your event has $50+ ticket prices.

Free Events

If admission is free to your event, then there is absolutely no charge to use TicketHost.

Flexible Fee Assignment

TicketHost provides more flexibility by allowing you to select who pays for each of the fees. During event setup, simply assign each fee to be paid by either the Ticket Buyer (added to the order total) or the Event Organiser (deducted from your ticket revenue). For example:

  • Order: 2 x $20 tickets paid by credit card
  • Host Fee: $0.70
  • Booking Fee: $1.20
  • Case 1: Ticket Buyer pays Host Fee, Event Organiser pays Booking Fee.
  • Case 2: Ticket Buyer pays both Host Fee and Booking Fee.
  Case 1 Case 2
Ticket Buyer Pays $40.70 $41.90
Event Organiser Receives $38.80 $40.00

Fee Comparison

A small differences in fees can add up to a big saving and our fees are amongst the lowest in the industry.

Fees Host Fee Credit Card Fee
TicketHost $0.35 2.0% + $0.40
Competitor 2% + $0.99 2%

These case studies compare TicketHost fees with those of a U.S. based competitor now with a branch in Australia.

Case 1 - Amateur Theatre Production

  • Ticket Price = $25
  • 40 orders placed for 2 tickets each.
  • 20 orders placed for 1 ticket each.
  • Total Sales: 100

Case 2 - School Graduation Ball

  • Ticket Price = $150
  • 50 orders placed for 4 tickets each.
  • 25 orders placed for 2 tickets each.
  • Total Sales: 250
Total Fees Case 1 Case 2
TicketHost $109.00 $867.50
Competitor $211.50 $1,935.00
TicketHost Saving $102.50

Additional Services

Our tickets are generally emailed to your ticket buyers to be printed at home or presented on a smartphone. However we also offer surface mail delivery of traditional style tickets, surcharge applies.

Contact TicketHost for more information.

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