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Order Cancellation Process

Cancelling an order with TicketHost is a 3 step process

  1. Ticket Buyer makes an Order Cancellation Request which triggers a notification email to be sent to the Event Organiser.
  2. Event Organiser reviews request and either approves or declines.
  3. If request is approved, TicketHost cancels the order and processes a refund where applicable.

Processing an Order Cancellation Request

As an Event Organiser, you may receive a Cancellation Request email from a Ticket Buyer.
There are 2 options for the action required:

  1. Click on the Review Request link in the email to Approve or Decline the Request.
  2. If you require further information from the ticket buyer, please respond to them by clicking on the Contact Ticket Buyer link. (Do not reply to the email you've received). Once you are ready to proceed, use the Review Request link per Option 1 or navigate to the Cancellation Requests screen and select the relevant Request.

Cancellation Request Screen Example

Review the request and select either Approved or Declined.
If Declined, please enter the reason for declining the request. This information will be emailed to the ticket buyer.

Approved Cancellation Requests will then be cancelled by TicketHost and refunds processed where applicable.

What are Chargebacks?

Chargebacks can occur for payments made by credit card when the cardholder disputes a charge with their card issuing bank. The bank will investigate if the Ticket Buyer should be charged or if they are entitled to a refund. Usually the bank will request purchasing information from TicketHost before making a decision on whether or not the charge is refunded. This process generally takes between 30 - 90 days.

If the bank decides to refund the Ticket Buyer, the bank will automatically debit the amount from the TicketHost account. In the scenario where the event revenue has already been transferred from TicketHost to the Event Organiser, you will be required to return the refund amount to TicketHost.

To reduce the risk of chargebacks TicketHost recommends providing a clear refund policy when creating events and responding promptly when order cancellation requests are received.