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Revenue Transfer

The revenue from your event will generally be transferred to your nominated bank account two business days after your event has been completed. At this point you will be emailed an Event Reconciliation Statement and the TicketHost Fee Invoice (If you opted for either of the TicketHost Fees to be paid by the Event Organiser)
To enable a smooth execution of this process, please complete the Revenue Transfer screen on the Manage Events page.

Revenue Transfer

Part 1 - Bank Details

  1. Provide the BSB and Account Number of the bank account that you would like your event revenue to be transferred to
  2. You may opt to re-use these details for your future events.

Part 2 - Event Reconciliation Recipients

Notification of the funds transfer and the Event Reconciliation Statement will automatically be emailed to the nominated contact for an event. If you would like to add additional recipients, please provide their email address(es) in this section.

Part 3 - Interim Payment Requests

By default, TicketHost will generally transfer your entire event revenue two business days after your event has completed.
Having a single funds transfer helps simplify your event reconciliation process and also avoids complications if for any reason your event is cancelled or requires some orders to be refunded.
However we understand that event organisers sometimes need to pay expenses prior to an event. If this is the case for your event, you may request an Interim Payment by entering the date(s) in the spaces provided.

*** Please Note ***
Processing a single funds transfer after the event helps to minimise administration costs which assists TicketHost in maintaining our ultra-low fees.
So we would greatly appreciate you avoiding Interim Payment Requests where possible.

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