Night Shift Sessions Meets the UK High Street Conversations

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For our final webinar for 2023, we’re thrilled to announce Night Shift Sessions Meets the UK High Street Conversations, teaming up with the Association of Town and City Management, direct from the United Kingdom.

The cost of living crisis continues to impact on how Australians are spending their money, with main street retailers the first to feel the impacts. So, just how are the UK main streets faring, responding and dealing with these pressures? This session will share latest footfall data, insights and best practice responses from the UK and Ireland. We are also thrilled to be sharing the Australian perspective with the international audience, with a bonus presentation by our 2023 National Conference keynote speaker, Dr Louise Grimmer, one of Australia's leading retail experts.

Embracing Consumer Behaviour Trends to Boost Main Street Shopping, Dr Louise Grimmer, Shopology. The current economic challenges, rising inflation and cost of living pressures are changing consumer habits and this means retailers and other businesses on main streets have to adapt to these new demands. Convenience, experience and ethical purchasing have been important recent drivers but how will cost of living pressures impact on these drivers and what does this mean for small main street businesses? Will consumers still seek out unique, independent, quality purchases from main street independent stores? How are you making an impact and demonstrating that to your customers?

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

- learn just how much savvier and informed main street shoppers are becoming and what you can do to adapt and meet the changing demands of consumers.

- join us and meet some of our placemaking friends and colleagues from the UK and Ireland.



Dr Louise Grimmer is a leading Australian retail marketing expert. A Fulbright Scholar and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Place Management, she has a PhD in retail marketing and a Masters in Public Relations and Communications. Her research on consumer behaviour, retailing and how retailers can respond to changes in shopping behaviour is published internationally, and she is Associate Editor for two leading international retail and consumer journals. In addition, Louise is a regular media commentator, featuring in hundreds of interviews, and a retail columnist. She has worked as a national radio presenter for the ABC, currently works as a radio news journalist and presenter and is a leading contributor to The Conversation. Louise works with local councils, trader associations, place marketers, individual retailers, chains and department stores, government and centre managers to advise on retail strategy, consumer behaviour, market trends and workforce capability. Louise is a sought-after speaker, MC and facilitator and a proud member of Mainstreet Australia through her retail consultancy Shopology (

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