Digital Photography For Kids - Jan 2019


Sorry, bookings are now closed.

NJ Productions will be running a guided workshop teaching you all about photography from how to correctly frame a subject to use lighting effectively, you will be equipped with the skills to go out into the world and take a photo on any electronic device with the mindset of a true photographer. 

Attendees do not need to have a prior knowledge of photography and the workshop will be accessible to children 8 years and over. All attendees please bring 2 props for the workshop - 1 needs to be an item of clothing and the other an item which can be placed on a table  - as well as one electronic device to take photos (eg. smartphone, iPad). 

Host: Kew Junction Business Association
Event Start Time: Wed, 16 Jan 19 - 10:00AM
Bookings Close: Tue, 15 Jan 19 - 9:00AM
Contact Details
Alli Price
P:  0422033714